Acupuncture and Back Pain

Every day someone will ask me if Acupuncture will relieve their lower back pain.  The answer to this question is yes!!   Acupuncture is virtual painless, safe and effective for pain relief.  Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in providing pain relief for both acute and chronic pain.

Research in 2002 showed that almost 80% of the world’s population would suffer from some kind of back pain with lower back pain being the most common type. In addition to the high rate of incidence, back pain is also known to have a high rate of recurrence in patients.

Back pain is generally caused because muscles that are not frequently exercised and stretched are suddenly put to excessive use. Muscle spasms are common in such cases and result in the individual feeling sore, stiff and a dull ache in the back. This is generally due to the narrowing of the disc space or a disc protrusion in the lumbar region.  In addition, as we age, bone strength and muscle elasticity and tone tend to decrease. The discs begin to lose fluid and flexibility, which decreases their ability to cushion the vertebrae.

Acupuncture for lower back pain can assist in decreasing back pain and spasm, as well as chronic pain.  Acupuncture can improve blood circulation to the entire lumbar area, which can provide greater fluid and increase flexibility, as well as relaxing and strengthens the lumbar area.   Acupuncture also can relax the paraspinal muscles and provides relief from muscle spasms.

Therefore, Acupuncture can be extremely effective in reducing back pain symptoms. It is important to remember that different patients respond differently to Acupuncture treatments and it can take anywhere between 4-12 sessions to really feel the difference.

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