Acupuncture & Computer Related Pain

In our modern fast-pace society the majority of our life involves at least one electronic device – laptop, iPads, tablets, smartphone, etc. With all the electronic gadgetry, we have access to 24/7 streaming news, videos and multiplicity of information. We spend hours and hours at work on the computer, and then we go home and spend hour and hours on the computer reading email, facebooking, gaming, etc.

Computer related pain can be back pain, neck pain, headache, dizziness, wrist pain, tingling fingers, fatigue, and even digestive pain. The cause of these pain  is we are sitting/working on a computer for several hours without moving or getting up and the computer setup is most likely not ergonomically correct. In addition, the mental pressure and stress of the entering data, writing documents, reading and assimilating the information on a poorly placed monitor. This combination of pressure and stress over an extended period of time will cause the whole body to become tense, especially your muscles.

Moving is the best preventive measure for these problems. Movement has many benefits: it relaxes tissues, lubricates joints and prevents stiffness, improves circulation, reduces fatigue, and builds stamina. One study showed that heavy computer users who successfully avoided computer-related pain moved every 7 minutes.  At least every 10 minutes, take a short (10-20 second) break. Every 30-60 minutes, take a brief (2-5 minute) break to stretch and walk around.

If we do not pay attention to how long we are working on the computer, eventually the prolong computer usage will affect the whole body. It will specifically affect the lumbar area – lower back pain, leg pain, sciatica.  Sometimes, the neck and shoulder pain comes first then the back pain follows. And the pain will progress to the wrist, fingers and causing headaches as well.

Acupuncture assist in decreasing back pain and spasm, as well as reduce stress.  Acupuncture can improve blood circulation to the entire lumbar area, which can provide greater fluid and increase flexibility, as well as relaxing and strengthens the lumbar area. Acupuncture also can relax the paraspinal muscles and provides relief from muscle spasms.

Acupuncture can be extremely effective in reducing back pain and other computer related pain. It is important to remember that different patients respond differently to Acupuncture treatments and it can take anywhere between 4-12 sessions to really feel the difference.

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