The Key to Acupuncture – Patience

Many people come to acupuncture with chronic, persistent and stubborn pain or health condition.  Due to our busy lives, we tolerate the pain until they start interfering with our daily lives.  Because our society had us believing bigger and faster must be better, we look for something that can provide instance pain relief. Sometimes instant pain relief does happen with acupuncture.  But usually, pain relief occurs gradually, but significantly over several weeks.

I ask patients to commit to six acupuncture treatments (twice a week for three weeks), it is not because I’m trying to take your money.  Instead, I am trying to give your body adequate time to respond to the acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture, like all natural medicine, works more slowly than drugs because it encourages your body to heal itself to resolve your pain.  This process takes time and patience, but it provides longer-lasting and effective pain relief.

When patients stop treatments after one, two or three acupuncture treatments because “it’s not helping”, I cannot help but feel discouraged. Who knows how much pain relief would they have felt? Who knows how much better they would have felt in three to six weeks?  If only they had more patience.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that acupuncture treatment will provide you with the desired results. However, I can tell that most people who tried acupuncture benefit from the treatments.  Most patients reported at least 70% or better pain relief after six to ten treatments, all without dangerous side effects or other health risk from surgery or taking prescribed medications.   So the key with acupuncture is, be patient and a “wait-and-see”  attitude for at least for those first six visits.

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