Free Health Talks from Jade River Acupuncture & High Point Health Seattle – join us virtually!

Miranda Taylor and Josie Steuart, NTP, NRTP will lead free Virtual Health Talks ONLINE!

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Look for more dates to come!

I had anxiety after a car accident. Acupuncture helped so much! My insurance was really limited and I still had a little nagging anxiety so I decided to pay out of pocket for nutrition. With muscle testing over the spleen, we found there had been an injury in this organ, and so I tested for nutrition specific for healing inflammation in the spleen. After ONE week on this one supplement, my anxiety was gone for good. -MH

Have a condition that persists no matter how much medical attention you receive? Chronic issues can often be resolved by providing your body what it needs. Miranda uses completely non-invasive Nutrition Response Testing to discover what your body is really craving for!