Our Team at Jade River Acupuncture in West Seattle

East Asian Medicine Practitioner “Acupuncturist” Miranda Taylor grew up in Rochester, NY, in the 70’s. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. Rather than continue on to medical school, she focused on dealing with her own health problems. By age 26, that search led her to the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. In 2002 she completed the 4-year masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which enabled her to prepare individual herbal medicine formulas for difficult health conditions. Ten years later, with the encouragement of a chiropractor, Miranda began the study of a healing system based on palpating acupuncture points with muscle testing (kinesiology) that was accurate, palatable, thorough, and affordable for patients wanting to find the best next step for providing nutrition (genuine replacements parts) for their non-resolving health issues. Miranda was excited to find that her patients with the most troubling conditions, which had been helped temporarily with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, would heal completely with a nutritious diet and whole food nutritional supplements.

Miranda Taylor is a pain specialist who addresses all underlying issues, having spent a decade studying at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, completing an internship at the Chengdu University Hospital in China, and being awarded full certification in Advanced Clinical Training from Ulan Nutritional Systems. She has over thirteen years of practice in acupuncture and nutritional healing.

Chiropractor Rob knows how to manipulate the spine.
He’s a post-car-accident rehabilitation whiz, but also helps patients with many other health issues. Because the nervous system is at the root of all healing, making sure the spine isn’t pinching any of it resolves a wide variety of health challenges.

Nutritionist Kimmie DeLorenzo comes from a military family who is currently joining the civilian forces. She has Asian roots and would like to study acupuncture, but she first found the Nutritional Therapy Association and culinary school to provide her with the tools to help her family get healthy. Kimmie joined High Point health in 2016 as an intern to add Nutrition Response Testing to her list of healing tools.

Massage therapists Jackie, Tara, and Janese will make sure that you do not leave with a tight muscle.

Receptionist Michelle Simkins travels from Tacoma to work at Healthful Solutions Massage. She’s your greeter, scheduler, and point of payment. She knows what’s going on and will disarm you with her smile.