Acupuncture Side Effects

The majority of my patients have reported to me that in addition to relieving their pain, they felt better overall.  And they further asked, did the acupuncture do that? The answer is yes!!!

Side effects of acupuncture occur frequently and can make you feel better overall. The most common possible side effects of acupuncture are:

Increased Energy:  Immediately following an acupuncture treatment, you made feel increased energy. Many patients have reported having more energy in the hours, days and even weeks after receiving an acupuncture treatment. A number of my patients have started exercising again.

Better Sleep:   Many of us wakes up feeling tired, even though we slept through the entire night. Patients tend to sleep more restfully and feel rested after an acupuncture treatment. Some patients have reported they started dreaming again after many years of not dreaming. This is startling to them at first.

Less stress:  Not everyone feels stress in their life, they’ve become a custom to living with a certain level of stress. It’s a “normal” way of living.  Acupuncture overtime can reduce stress and anxiety.  The majority, if not all my patients have reported they feel much calmer when they leave my office. We don’t notice how stress we are until the stress is reduced or absent from our lives.

Mental clarity:  Increase energy, less stress and better sleep adds up to ability to focus and concentrate better. The brain fog has been lifted and mental cobwebs have been cleared out. Patient reported feeling more motivated, feeling more confident and able to conquer their to-do list.

Better digestion:  Patents have reported they feel less bloated after meals, better bowel movements and fewer food cravings after a few acupuncture treatments. One patient was disappointed that her sugar craving stopped, she looked forward to her evening dark chocolate snack. She did not realize her craving was gone until her husband pointed that she has not had her evening dark chocolate snack for a few days.

So don’t alarm or surprised that in addition to relieving your pain, acupuncture can make you feel better in overall.

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