Acupuncture for Pain Relief – plus Nutrition

Leo came to me for acupuncture after falling off a ladder onto his back. He was in pretty bad shape. Acupuncture helped but he had sustained quite an injury, and he was on medications which did not support the healing of musculoskeletal injuries. Long term arthritis would be in his future.

With drug advertising, doctors may prescribe more drugs than necessary, assuming patients will make no adjustments to their diets, no matter how high their blood pressure or how unstable their blood sugar levels. Pain, blood pressure and blood sugar medications don’t always help.

Drugs very often override the nervous system’s own ability to heal the body the system is meant to control. Drugs’ ill effects (aka side effects) rarely enable the body to heal itself as it would naturally do on its own with – genuine replacement parts – food.

Acupuncture streamlines a confused nervous system. It works similarly to replacing/fixing circuit breakers, instantly handling pain and other issues. What nutrition can accomplish is similar to acupuncture in reducing pain via encouraging better food choices and choosing more effective supplements/whole food nutrition therapy.
View Nutrition Response Testing video now.

Patients can reduce their dependence on medications controlling blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and pain. They eliminate dependence on pain medications, because pain is a cry by the body for something that it needs. We just don’t have a pain medication deficiency. We do often have a deficiency in certain vitamins, minerals, etc, fibre and water.
In this video we show how I use Nutrition Response Testing (palpation of acupuncture points with nutrition). I help Leo identify which whole food supplements – and food – are helpful and which ones are harmful in his trauma repair, arthritis prevention and quest for better health.

Please bring your questions to my class on arthritis and pain at Jade River Acupuncture at 33710 9th Ave. S. in Federal Way, WA on December 13 at 6-7 PM. I look forward to seeing you! Or call to schedule your appointment at 206-932-4371 or email us at

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