Spring Cleaning Your Body

I was walking my dog, Dewey, early one morning and I heard the birds singing and noticed buds on the trees.  The early morning air felt fresh, clean and light, instead of heavy and stagnate.  It must be Spring.

Spring carries the energy of growth and movement. Moving out of our Winter cocoon, we feel surges of life: our bodies want to move, our creative minds envision projects for the coming months. We plant seeds in both the Earth and our lives. It is also an opportunity to look at old patterns with new awareness, as we move from the confine of Winter into the opening of Spring.

In Chinese medicine, Spring is the time of year when what has gotten stuck gets moving again. The heavier energy of Winter is lifting and lighter energies are now becoming available to us. Spring is a perfect time to cleanse the body of the heavy rich foods of Winter and more sedentary lifestyle we’ve been living.

Spring is associated with the Wood element, and the Liver organ, whose job in the body is to ensure the smooth flow of physical and emotional energy. When Liver Qi is flowing well, our body systems work smoothly, and emotions come and go appropriately.  However, if the Liver Qi is stuck, we may experience tension, irritability, depression, lack of motivation, or a worsening of various physical symptoms.

Spring is a good time of year to clear out clutter from your body and your environment so things can flow. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Do a good spring cleaning/decluttering – you can donate used items to Goodwill or any other organization.
  2.  Cleanse your own system. After the heavier food of winter, eating more whole grains and vegetables will help lighten your body and unblock the energy channels. You can also cleanse your Liver with milk thistle tea or capsules.
  3.  Air out your space and your Lungs. Open the windows, put on some fans, and invite the outside air to flow through your space. Spending some time outdoors also helps air out your own lungs and freshen the mind.
  4.  De-clutter your schedule. Notice where you spend your time and energy, and see if you can let go of something unnecessary or taxing.  Making room for something new in your life helps keep the Qi flowing and life fun.
  5. Schedule a seasonal Acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment is designed both to balance your body’s energy, and to align it with the environment around you. Many people schedule quarterly Acupuncture treatments to ease the change of seasons and maintain their health and balance through the year.

The more you are able to harness the cleansing energy of Spring the more energy you will be able to soak up in the Summer time when the energy is lightest and most available to us. Not only is this good for your health, it will also help you transition to next Winter smoothly.

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