Research: Acupuncture Reduces Lower Back Pain

A recent research showed that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic low back pain. Researchers studied patients with back pain in a rehabilitation clinic in Germany. There were two groups in the research: group 1 received acupuncture plus conventional rehabilitation services. Group 2 received only rehabilitation services.  The researchers noted that the acupuncture group showed significant pain reduction over the conventional care only group. The researchers also noted that patients receiving acupuncture treatments showed significant improvements in physical functioning, overall health and energy levels and improvements in emotional well-being over the conventional care only group.

The research found that acupuncture significantly reduced pain levels and reduced the prickling sensation in the hands and feet. The acupuncture patients had less pain upon sitting, standing and walking.  The researchers for this study concluded, “Acupuncture was highly accepted and had positive effects in patients with chronic low back pain. These results show that acupuncture can be an effective, well-tolerated therapy with no major adverse events.”

This research is further supported by researchers in Calgary (Alberta, Canada).  In this study, the researchers discovered that acupuncture is not only effective for the treatment of lower back pain and is also cost-effective. Patients receiving acupuncture treatments for low back pain required approximately 50% less visits to an M.D. than patients who did not received acupuncture treatments. In addition the researchers also found that patients receiving acupuncture treatments spent 37% less on total medical services.

Acupuncture can reduce your low back pain and reduce your overall healthcare cost – a winning combination.

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